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Though I have had many, and will likely come upon more, the name that fits me best, as of right now, is Shannon Grey. 

I am a lot of things; I have been what I've needed to be. A creative, an artist... a plumber, a survivor, a martyr... a mother, at times, oddly enough. Really, I'm just me, just like you are you -- and I am all too aware that life rarely comes to us in terms of black and white. This blog is intended to be a celebration of that fact. I will, no doubt, touch on subjects that are light and fluffy and beautiful and fun, but I will also likely touch on things like death and feeling listless and lacking direction in a yet more directionless world. It won't always be easy. Some nights, it will feel like pulling bones from my own body, only to glue them back in the next day. Then, there will be days in which sharing will be a catharsis like no other, a catharsis I have never truly allowed myself to have. Ultimately, I pray that, no matter the length of your visit, when you go, you will go with a part of me. And, if you stay, I hope that this -- that am enough... I mean, if I'm honest, this is probably (totally) just an elaborate way of convincing myself that it is.

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